Introducing Technology to Golf - Sports Simulator

The Team BTC Golf team have a new state-of-the-art Foresight Sports simulator at Cannington Golf Club, as used on Sky Sports.

The simulator has been in use since the start of the academic year and has become a crucial coaching tool to help develop and support athlete performance.

By being able to use the equipment gives coaches the opportunity to break down and develop the athletes swing, allow the student to make smaller more specific changes needed to perform at elite level. 

Team BTC Golf coach, Dan Barton says,

“The use of new technology has been invaluable to us. We can target specific areas of the student’s games from spin rates to launch angles, this gives us far greater precision for elite level golfers. One of the features allows us to make a minor change to the swing to reduce backspin on the ball when hitting a driver, which then increases carry and overall yardage. It has proved extremely beneficial to our golf students on and off the course.”

      Golf Simulator                 Golf Simulator