Golf Centre professional achieves unique status

Bridgwater College’s Cannington Golf Centre’s resident professional, Ron Macrow, recently qualified as a ‘The Golfing Machine’ coach – the only qualified coach in the South West!

The Golfing Machine learning system helps golfers improve their golf strokes, by enhancing the coach’s observation skills to allow them to better analyse and diagnose each student’s unique golf stroke. To earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Golf Stroke Engineering, Ron had to pass rigorous training exercises, as well as written, verbal and visual exams, and is now classified as an authorised instructor in good standing.

Golfers at Cannington Golf Centre can benefit from this coaching technique with Ron, who offers both one-on-one, as well as group coaching, and gain a more consistent golf swing.

Ron said, “Unlike most systems which tends to be based on ‘positional coaching’ and modelling on the golfing stars of today, The Golfing Machine philosophy is based on the geometry of a circle and the laws of physics. Provided this is observed, a reliable swing is achievable for anyone!”