Captain's Team Beats the President's Team in the Inaugural President's Trophy

Geoff Rooke, Cannington Golf Club’s captain, led his team in a non-playing capacity to victory in the inaugural President’s Trophy competition, running out the winners by 12 games to 8.


The Cannington President, Stuart Mason, has donated a trophy to be played for on a bi-annual basis in a match between the Captain’s Team and the President’s Team, played over the weekend at the Cannington course. With the foursomes taking place on Saturday morning, the Captain’s team built an early lead by winning all four games.


The President attempted a comeback in the afternoon fourballs and improved to half the afternoon series two games each, leaving the Captain with a four game lead to take into the Sunday’s singles matches where 12 points were at stake.


Kay Fawcett in the first game out in the Sunday’s singles, pushed the score along to a five game difference and then it had to come - a rally from the President’s men to take the next three games to reduce the deficit to only two games.


The former Club Captain however, steadied the ship having to play two opponents - he successfully saw them both off to restore the four game lead.


It was now the turn of the club juniors playing for the President, to step up to the plate. And how they did, with James Sewell and James Lloyd winning their games by a margin of two and one, supported by Harry White who overpowered his opponent by four and three. However not to be outdone, and with the Captain’s encouragement, his team claimed the last three games to take the trophy by 12 games to 8 games.


Full Results (President’s names first):

Saturday Morning Foursomes:

Alan Wainman & Alan Newham lost to Rob Bawden & Malcolm Jones, 4 and 3

Chris Sharkey & James Puddy lost to Rod Vowles & Steve Butterfield, 5 and 4

Neil Greenslade & Stuart Mason lost to Rob Fowler & Darren Marshall, 2 and 1

David Stephenson & Mick Egan lost to Simon Alderwick & Glyn Sewell, 5 and 4

Afternoon Four Balls:

Stuart Mason & Ron Macrow lost to Kay Fawcett and Rod Vowles, 4 and 3

Alan Dobbins & James Sewell beat Steve Fisher & Nick Prince, 3 and 2

Adam Reading & Neil Greenslade lost to Glyn Sewell and Nick Hughes, 2 and 1

Peter Hardman & Harry White beat Stephen Butterfield & Darren Marshall, 3 and 1


Match score after day 1: President’s Team 2, Captain’s Team 6


Sunday Singles Matches:

Stuart Mason lost to Kay Fawcett, 4 and 3

Chris Sharkey beat Dave Dobson, 5 and 3

David Stephenson beat Darren Marshall, 2 Up

James Puddy beat Simon Alderwick, 4 and 3

Colin Inglis lost to Stephen Butterfield, 4 and 2

Paul Anderson lost to Stephen Butterfield, 4 and 3

James Sewell beat Rod Vowles, 2 and 1

James Lloyd beat Rob Fowler, 2 and 1

Harry White beat John Moate, 4 and 3

Ron Macrow lost to Glyn Sewell, 2 and 1

Alan Wainman lost to Malcolm Jones, 4 and 3

Peter Hardman lost to Nick Hughes, 6 and 5

Final Score: President’s Team 8 games, Captain’s Team 12 games.

Captain’s Team Beats the President’s Team in the Inaugural Presidents’ Trophy