Dress Code

At Cannington Golf Centre we pride ourselves on being a club which respects tradition, but which also recognises that times change, along with fashions and attitudes.

Although we expect all our members, visitors and guests to maintain a smart standard of dress, whether on the course or in the Clubhouse, please see our modern approach to the dress code at our Golf Centre.

On the Golf Course

Collared Shirts

Golf shoes


Tailored Shorts


Thank you for observing our code - the following are not permitted: Jeans, sleeveless T-shirts; shirts cut above waist level; beach shorts; tracksuits; rugby/football shirts or similar.

Shirts must be tucked in, shorts and skirts must be tailored and knee-length and worn with long or short socks.

In the Clubhouse

Our relaxed and welcoming Clubhouse is open to all players and spectators.

We thank you for adhering to the dress code, and hope you have a good game and visit to Cannington Golf Centre.

dress code