hole 8 largeHole 8, 482 yards, Par 4 (Par 5 from the Yellow Tee)

With the new back tee coming into play this season, this a monster par 4 for the club golfer - hence from the yellow tees it is played as a par 5.

The scratch golfer these days looks to birdie par fives which makes a par round easier in the mind to achieve, hence this has been kept as a par 4. It is really the only ‘heroic' hole on the course with cutting the corner with the tee shot too much to resist, although the penalty will be a ‘reload' with trees and out-of-bounds all along the left. A successful drive here will leave a mid to short iron into the green. It does play up hill and into the prevailing wind which for the club golfer it is best played as a ‘five'.

A feature at the green is another cavernous bunker that puts the ball well below the green; getting the ball out is a priority for the unfortunate.


Hole 17, 406 yards, Par 4

Although this one is much shorter second time round, the trees immediately to the right of the tee can cause problems for the long handicapper. The out-of-bounds looks straight at you from the tee on this slight right to left dog leg. This should be a straight forward hole; the long handicap golfer should play for a five and may indeed end up with a par.