hole 6 largeHole 6, 434 yards, Par 4

A good par 4 with out-of-bounds all down the left. With the tee set close to the out-of-bounds fence, a hooked shot here can destroy a confident start. For the better golfer, taking note of where the pin is cut on the green really determines the tee shot like no other hole on the course.

The green is guarded by another huge bunker on the left and one just short of the green on the right. Added to this is a bunker well to the right of the fairway set at 171 yards to the front of the green. The hole position dictates the play; for the better player should the hole be cut back right, it is best to approach the green from the right side of the fairway to give a full view of the flag.

Should the hole be cut back right or front right, the better player needs to skirt down the left hand side to give a clear approach to the green. The challenge here is that it brings the out-of-bounds fence into play, so care is needed.

Hole 15, 405 yards, Par 4

Played from a shorter more central tee than at the sixth, the bunkers on the right 234 yards out from the tee are waiting to catch the cut drive. The danger for the second shot is the out-of-bounds fence which is right behind the green; any thinned shot by the club golfer could run through the green and go through the fence marking the out-of-bounds.